TEEN ZOOM Driver Ed Classroom and In Car Instruction

3-Way Instruction is changing with the times and catering to the busy teen and parent. We now offer our Classroom (32-hour course) through live Zoom instruction. Your teen can be in any room in your proven during covid to be an effective way of providing classroom instruction. Our parents gave us 5-star reviews for being energetic, holding their teen accountable, and completing the course in a timely manner. Our course was so engaging, even our parents wanted to participate in the lessons!


  • Anyone in the state of Texas can take this course and transfer to Parent Taught for In-Car instruction.
  • Students can obtain their Permit after the 3rd day of class.
  • Our lessons cover all learning styles.
  • Interactive lessons
  • Engaging instructors
  • Save fuel and time
  • Cater to the busy parent and student schedule
  • Course days/times accommodate the seasons.
  • Installment payments are accepted without an extra cost to you.


  • Your child will not have to leave home for classroom instruction.


Teen Zoom Classroom and In-Car Instruction


Teen Zoom Classroom Only


Teen Online Driver Ed Courses

We have partnered with one of the leading mobile-first, Texas-certified course providers. This course is ideal for any teen/parent's schedule that makes it difficult to attend traditional driver ed face to face. This online course offers 32 hours of Teen Classroom instruction to be completed at your convenience. The official DPS permit exam is given within this course. Once you have completed the course, simply request your DE-964 certificate of completion to be transferred to us to begin your required 14 hours of In-car instruction. Certificate emailed within hours!

    Benefits of completing the course online:

  • Great course for the BUSY Parent & Teen.
  • 16 lessons- at your student’s convenience though Highly Recommended to 2- hrs./day.
  • A Permit Test is given after completing the first 6 hours of the course.
  • You SAVE gas and time by not having to drive to our location.
  • Taking the course online is holding your student accountable, helping them develop independence, and preparing them for life after graduating high school.

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